About Us

Our Genesis

We were a group of international lawyers who became acquainted with each other while studying an online course on Blockchain. We quickly realized that we share a common passion for this emerging technology, and how it could change the world. Over the course of half a year, we discussed the possibility of starting a legal advisory for Blockchain companies.

In late 2017, we launched our website, lexfuturus.io, to establish a presence on the Internet. We decided on the name, Lex Futurus, after much discussion on a name that could combine both our interests in law and the future. We realize that Blockchain technologies are in a state of continuous evolution; and we keep abreast of the emerging forks and permutations of Blockchain.

Digital Money

Ideal Clients

We hope to work with the following types of clients:

  • Companies developing new solutions to real-life problems using Blockchain technologies and its alternatives, such as Hashgraph;
  • Companies launching initial coin offerings (ICO) and token swaps;
  • Companies using Blockchain for the tokenization of assets;
  • Companies making use of the Blockchain for remittance, investment and financial solutions;
  • Companies seeking advice on the regulatory and policy implications of their offering.